Safety Protocols Keep Your Child Healthy

Your child has better things to focus on than being sick.
That’s why we’ve implemented evidence-based strategies to keep us all healthy, including:

Fever Checks

We take your child’s temperature daily to ensure they have no fever–a tell-tale symptom of coronavirus.

No Shoes

Everyone must remove their shoes before entering the building to minimize exposure to bacteria.

Touchless Sign-in

Parents enjoy a touchless sign-in system to avoid cross-contamination.

Hand Sanitizer

Multiple hand sanitizer stations make it easy to kill germs instantly.

Hand Washing

Your child learns the value of thorough hand washing as part of our curriculum.

Cough Control

We teach your child about how to cough into their elbow to avoid the spread of germs.

Zero Entry

Children who've been exposed to COVID, cold, or flu, are not allowed to take part in our programs, minimizing potential exposure and prioritizing health.

Professional Cleaning

A professional cleaning service disinfects our campus daily, keeping our learning environment safe.

On-line Support

For children who cannot be with us in person, we offer a Zoom circle time to stay in touch with friends and fun.

How Old Is Your Child?


6 weeks - 1 year



1 - 2 years


3 - 4 years

school age

5 - 12 years