COVID-Safe Protocols Keep Your Child Healthy

Evidence-Based Strategies To Keep Us All Healthy And Keep Your Child Virus-Free

COVID-Safe Protocols Keep Your Child Healthy

Evidence-Based Strategies To Keep Us All Healthy And Keep Your Child Virus-Free

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Frequent Hand-Washing Stops The Spread Of Viruses

Your child learns the value of thorough hand-washing as part of the curriculum. Once you drop them off, your child washes their hands throughout the day. Children wash hands before entering the classroom – killing germs, viruses, and the chance of contagion.

Daily Temperature Checks And Screenings Ensure Wellness

The center takes your child’s temperature daily to ensure they have no fever–a tell-tale symptom of coronavirus. Health screenings like this help ensure all who enter the building are symptom-free, keeping the space free of possible infection and viruses.

Careful, Touchless Sign-In Keeps Everyone Safe

A greeter is in place to receive your child during pick-up and drop-off to help reduce everyone’s exposure to the virus. A touchless sign-in system means parents can avoid cross-contamination when they secure their child.

Small Class Sizes Keep Children A Part Of Eachother

New measures like smaller class sizes, in-house field trips, and adjusted schedules help to ensure the safest care possible for your little one. Classroom redesign and altered day-to-day activities keep fragile immune systems virus-free.

Daily Sanitization For Everything That Your Child Touches

Multiple hand sanitizer stations make it easy to kill germs and viruses instantly. That and daily, professional cleaning and sanitization of classrooms, bathrooms, and high-traffic spots like doorknobs and light switches mean a deep clean that keeps your child healthy.

A “No Shoe Zone” Minimizes Exposure To Viruses

Everyone who enters the building must remove their shoes before entering to reduce the spread of harmful viruses, bacteria, and germs. Shoes carry a lot of germs, and removing them is just another step to help everyone do their part.

Sick Children Stay Home To Do Their Part

Parents have a responsibility to keep sick children at home and care for them until they can return to prevent the spread of COVID. This necessary measure prevents the possibility of spreading the virus and also goes for adults.

Online Options Support Virtual Learners

For children who cannot be with us in person, the center offers a Zoom circle time to stay in touch with friends and have fun. They continue to learn, play, and develop from the comfort of their own home.

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